Friday, I'm in luv...

Don't you love it when you re-discover an old cd that you used to listen to ALL the time? Enter my blue smashing pumpkins cd from Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. I can't find the pink one (*sniff, sniff*). I got my new car and realized that I now have a stereo of my own to control. When I car-pooled with my guy, he played perma-DJ. So I picked through my D.U.S.T.Y. collection and found lots of goodies. An old Hole cd (yes, Hole... used to be a Courtney Love whore. This is the only time I will ever admit to that now), which brought me back to that torn babydoll dress with stains on it era that I loved so much. Nirvana's Incesticide... INXS... Depeche Mode... oh, oh... and LOTS of my sweet Tori Amos. And that SP cd. Sooooooo goooooood. Looooove them. Love. Them. Wonder what Billy C is up to these days? Anyone know? Music makes MY world go 'round, for sure. If you happen to see him, tell him I love him.


Here I sit...

Here I sit. Eating my protein muffins, sipping on a styrafoam cup of black coffee.

Here I sit. Waiting for the work day to be over when it has only just begun.

Here I sit. Wishing my hair was naturally straight when in fact it never will be. And I've learned to accept that. I've been wearing it down AND curly, a first in literally years. It doesn't even look THAT bad. There's just too much of it. So, just call me cousin IT.

Here I sit. Contemplating if I should look for a new job or not. I'm comfortable here, VERY comfortable. But.. I could make more and I know it. Gotta weigh everything out, you know? Change is good, but it also scares the $#IT outta me. Really.

Here I sit. Wondering how exactly do they make splenda? (Looks like sugar, tastes like sugar.... but not quite sugar?)

Here I sit. Realizing that I have nothing important or interesting to say. All apologies.


But baby it's cold outside...

Man oh man... the heater in my office is broken and no one seems to care. I work at an Air Balance company for cryin' out loud. Shouldn't our air be balanced (not too hot, not too cold)? Apparently, the answer is NO.

Sitting here at my desk, practically going into a coma from staring at my computer screen for so long, cold seeping in from the window 2 feet behind me, a small floor heater puttering away at my feet... I'm BORED. Bored to tears. I've been alone in the office for about 4 hours now. So I don't even have to "look" busy! I could seriously take a nap. Sweet, sweeeeeet sleep, how I long for thee so!

This morning I made my usual Protmeal (oatmeal + protein powder, yum), and after the microwave "beeped" to alert me that the oatmeal was finished cooking, it kept going! The microwave turned off... there was nothing in the display screen, as is normally the case when not in use but this time it was still running! So I played with the buttons and kept closing and opening the door. When open, it went off like it should. But when I would close it, it would start up again. It was VERY creepy. Speaking of creepy...

Friday night I watched THE GRUDGE. Yuck. Ewww. Yuck and ewww. I *hate* scary movies. I tried, oh, HOW I TRIED to be big and brave and strong! But about 5 minutes into it, I had the covers over my head and resorted to plugging my ears to get through the rest of the movie. See, blocking out the sound makes it less scary, and covers protect you. They do, they do. They protect me anyway. SO I made it through (barely) and went home and had to watch something funny to get my mind off it all before I went to bed. Hadn't thought much about it since...

until this morning. In the shower, I got this OVERWHELMING fear. See there's this little kid in the movie that scared the S.H.I.T. outta me and I kept peeking around the corner of the shower curtain to see if he was waiting for me. He wasn't, thank goodness. Scary kids in scary movies are the worst. They don't even have to do anything. This kid did not hurt anyone in the movie but he scared me the most. What's up with that?!? And then, after drying off and lotion-ing up, I *had* to turn on the light to go downstairs. WHAT A WUSS! And then the possesed microwave incident. Whoa. Quick, grab some covers!


Some of my fave-o things

More of my favorite things:

1/Brushing my teeth
2/Cereal with soy milk
3/Calling in at the last minute
4/Napolean Dynamite (vote for Pedro y'all)
5/Realizing that it's not as bad as I thought
6/Mom's lemon meringue pie
7/Getting money back from the government (t'was mine anyway...)
8/Our new dog (Angel, a baby pit bull... I heart her!)
9/Our old dog (Bogart, a young chihuahua... I heart him, too!)
10/The IDEA of baking something

And some things that just suck:

1/Being lazy
2/The Mall (dum, dum, DUM...I LOATHE it)
3/Super Wal-Mart on the weekends (get. me. outta. here.)
4/My inbox
5/Realizing that it's worse than I thought
6/Texas weather
7/Biting your cheek (F*CK!!!)
8/Biting your cheek again in the same spot (&%*# &*@&#*#@!!!)
9/When our dogs poo in the house
10/Actually baking something

Happy Monday to all.
Happy Birthday to me, Ashton Kutcher & Chris Rock.

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