Eeesh, I'm the worst blogger on the planet. Busy, ya know? Really busy. And exhuasted when I do have a free mo'. Anyway, here are random pics. Me, E, my mom (the tiny blonde), my sis Emily (the tall blonde), my mom and me dancing, my mom and Drew dancing. That's all I got.


Sick Day

I've been fighting off THE FUNK for well over two weeks now. Usually I panic at the first sign of illness and rush to thy docta, but life is so busy that I haven't the time to be under the weather. I sort of just ignored it, and it would go away and come back and go away and come back again, never really exploding into a full-on sickfest until yesterday. I called the doctor early in the day and pleaded with his nurse to convince him to just call in a Rx for me, I know I have whatever it is that my husband had last week, please just prescribe me a Z-pack and let's not waste anyone's time with an actual appointment. And it worked! She called something in for me and I left work early to pick it up and I popped the first pill in the parking lot on the way out. Unfortunately I didn't feel any better this morning, instead my throat was practically swollen shut, so I took the day off from work to rest up and re-experience the awfulness that is daytime television.

I couldn't seem to sit still today to actually rest. That pesky list of things that you should do but never get around to doing kept running through my head. Clean out the closet and file away old bills and vacuum (again) and cook something in bulk and do your nails. I did a ton of laundry and dishes and vacuumed and got my nails done and cooked up a batch of the Gourmet Nutrition peanut butter banana post-workout bars, and I even did the upper body pyramid workout that I was supposed to have done yesterday but didn't feel well enough to. At around 2:30 I finally settled down, ho-hummed around the Internet (why is it that all my favorite bloggers only post when I don't have the time to read it? Because when I'm at home with a whole day to fuck off no one ever publishes anything new! WHY?), and tried again to find something on t.v. I settled for Rachael Ray's talk show thingie. I only wanted to gouge my eyes out from the sound of her unbearable voice a few times, and that desire made me forget about being sick. Thank you, Rachael Ray.


We watched LA Ink last night and I must say, I still have a serious girl crush on Kat Von D but I do believe she is on drugs. She's single now (I HAVE A CHANCE!) (when and why did she divorce Oliver?) and she has lost a ton of weight. She's semi-spastic and it disturbs me. I'm no Colombian drug lord but I have done my fair share of smoking and snorting things that I shouldn't have (in HIGH SCHOOL people, and briefly after I dropped out of college the first time) (I'm a WINNER!) so I pride myself on recognizing the signs of a drug user. (What a skill!) She's still super hot, drugs or not. But I liked her better when she was more curvy and mellow.


Ethan is moving up to the 2-year old room on Monday.


Horrible, horrible news. And such short notice! He's only... he's not even... he's only like 19 months old! 20 months old? Anyway, he's too young! And I love his teachers in the 1-year old room. This breaks my heart. The 2-year old room is the room of total and complete insanity. Tantrums. Potty training. INSANITY! I'm not ready. He might be, but I most certainly AM NOT.



I'm going to Florida for 4 nights at the end of the month for business. I'm really excited, but after I scheduled the flight and rental car and all of that I realized that I haven't been on a plane in like 10 years. We flew a few times when I was a small child and I puked every single time. I don't do well with motion, or heights, or planes and airports in general, so I am actually quite anxious about the trip now. Not to mention that I get lost on the way to my own bathroom half the time, and my flight lands in Ft. Lauder dale so I have to drive 30 minutes to my final destination. Mapquest always always always lets me down so I'm pretty sure I'll get lost at least once.

I can't imagine being away from D and E for that long. It sounds wonderful and horrible at the exact same time. E's been a daddy's boy lately, so I'm sure they will have a great time drinking beer and watching sports shows. D will likely teach E how to smash a beer can with his head, he'll explain the art of distinguishing fake boobs from real ones and, heck, maybe they'll get really crazy and take a trip down to that Asian massage parlor down the highway. Tsk, silly boys.

I'm very excited about the possibility of jogging around Florida in the mornings before work as my cardio while on this trip. I'm not a runner, so it'll do my body good, and it's FLORIDA. Course I'll probably get lost, just me and my running shoes, feet don't fail me now. Maybe I'll pack my jump rope just in case jogging cluelessly around a completely unfamiliar city doesn't sound like such a good idea at the last minute. Right now it sounds like fun!

Being the nut that I am I will be packing pouches of tuna, salmon and chicken, preportioned nuts and premeasured protein powder. Hey, just because I'm traveling doesn't mean my diet has to suffer! I know things will be less than perfect food and exercise wise for those 4 days, but that's ok. When the possibility of this trip came up earlier in the year I totally freaked; my inner disordered eating self panicked ferociously. I gave her a xanax and told her to shut it and she really hasn't emerged since. So, I think I'll be ok.

I'm thinking about doing the Anabolic Diet for awhile to see what it's like and how my body will respond. If I decide to do it, it won't be for a few months yet because after I'm back from Florida my job responsibilities will increase tremendously, and I don't think it's a good idea to be in that carbless fog that tends to settle over you when you're on such a diet. Once I get the hang of my new position I just might give it a try. I know a couple of fabulous fitness freaks over on the PN forum who are doing the diet as we speak, and I intend to watch them closely and cheer them on. Depending on their results and mindset I'll know whether to run screaming for the hills or give the diet a try. For now I'm laying low with the basic PN principles and loving it, training hard as usual and watching the number on the scale slowly go down. I can't AFFORD to do the AD right now anyway... I just bought a whole new smaller wardrobe and would like to enjoy it for at least a couple of months before the new stuff starts getting too big.

My family is coming next weekend and then the weekend after that my sister Emily is flying in, so the next 2 weekends will be fabulous. I always have the best time with my family. I miss them so! I'm anxious for the moment when they walk in and see Ethan. I don't think they are going to believe their eyes when they see how much he's grown, how well he speaks, how bright-eyed and good humored a kid he is. We are definitely not having another kid, I say that with 99.9% certainty. E is so awesome that I'm pretty sure our next kid would be a dud. ;)

D and I weren't doing very well for awhile there, and we were in marital hell to the point of no return, or so I thought. When people tell you marriage is tough you just don't have a clue as to what they're talking about. You think you do, you think you're ready, but you just don't know until you're already legally bound for eternity and there's no turning back. We've learned so much about each other over the last several weeks, the main problem was that we lost our connection. It's so easy to do in the day to day grind. We lost that best friendship that our relationship is built on. We needed to reconnect, but life just got in the way. It's amazing how you can feel so distant from somebody you spend so much time with. I guess we sort of fell in love with each other all over again, and things are great. You just learn as you go, I suppose. Neither of us is perfect and that's totally cool. We're gonna make it after all! That's a good, GOOD feeling. :D

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